I've been going out cycling regularly recently. Usually for an hour at a time. Yesterday I went for an extra long cycle around the nearby hill. My legs are feeling it today.

A little while after I heard about and experimented with Deep Dream, I wondered about colourisation of black & white photos. I tried it on some frames from Metropolis.


I am a software developer and electronic music producer. I am interested in promoting a decentralised network for musicians and music enthusiasts.

I have created an instance for electronic music enthusiasts, and electro music makers at electro.social

This instance has open registration, and welcomes new participants.

Just clicked on a link for a StackOverflow page that's missing. This photo is from the 404 page 😃


Carl Sagan: Astronomy Icon's Legacy in Pictures (Carl Sagan chose the Earth images and sounds that travelled to space on the Voyager spacecraft)


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A host for electronic music enthusiasts, and electro music makers.