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I am a software developer and electronic music producer. I am interested in promoting a decentralised network for musicians and music enthusiasts.

I have created an instance for electronic music enthusiasts, and electro music makers at

This instance has open registration, and welcomes new participants.

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I ordered & received a Meat Beat Manifesto t-shirt recently. I can tell you it's good quality.

I like Jack Dangers music, and it's funny this is almost an IBM logo, but not. No, I really wouldn't wear an IBM t-shirt.

Open registration has been disabled for now. A bunch of spam bots registered and started posting some messages for some SEO purpose by the look of it. Suspended those accounts. At least these were stated as bots.

Most of all I'm interested in developing some software with Android on the Raspberry Pi. I'm not that interested in Android when it's locked down, as it is usually. This could be really useful though.

The Raspberry Pi isn't a fast computer, and it has only 1 GB RAM. It is inexpensive though. Here it can run Android 7.1 (Nougat) using only open-source software, so there's no Google Play store. However, the screenshots show an alternative to F-Droid (store with few apps) called Yalp. Many apps are noted to rely on Google services, which is how Google restricts otherwise open-source software. Performance is pretty good. I've got Netflix and Dropbox working well.

The July edition of the Raspberry Pi magazine, The MagPi, has a feature on installing Android from emteria.OS on the Raspberry Pi 3. I've been playing around with it for a little while using a touchscreen. I'm really impressed. It works well.

DJ ASSAULT - Shake It Baby (The Unfuckwitable EP [ELECTROFUNK RECORDS]

Both the Westworld and The Expanse series are finishing next week! They will be missed.

Preacher returns on 24/25th June - just 2 or 3 days. That could be good. Series 1 was a blast.

How the US has prepared for nuclear Armageddon – in pictures:

Reminds me of playing Fallout 3, and how crazy it is. Kind of wonder what sort of places remain in secret too.

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This Convextion aka E.R.P. mix that I made 5 years ago still holds up. One of the best US producers to ever live. No joke. If you haven't checked out E.R.P., do yourself a favor and start here. All of the tracks I used for the mix are available on most popular download sites.

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Facebook is soooo nice. Keep using it people.

Here Are 18 Things You Might Not Have Realized #Facebook Tracks About You -

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I always think of 'Mathematische Modelle', from the Der Zyklus EP, II, as Heinrich Mueller's homage to Kraftwerk. This four track EP was originally released in 2001 on International Deejay Gigolo Records. This track and 'Elektronisches Zeitecho' were paired as a 12" in 2013 by Clone Aqualung.

The entire StreetSounds Electro compilation series professionally recorded from vinyl by this Soundclouder, who's made these downloadable...

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Bass Agenda Recordings turns 5 years old this year.

I've just made this showcase mix of the first 'phase' of the label's life downloadable, as a little thank you and celebration...

Includes tracks from Mike Ash, Sync24, Hidden Persuader, DynArec, Franck Kartell, Alavux and more.....